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Wisconsin's Most Experienced Fire Inspection Company 

Get your fire inspections done correctly and on time with Fire Prevention Services. Wisconsin’s most experienced fire inspection company. We only use career firefighters that are state certified fire inspectors and very knowledgeable with NFPA and Wisconsin fire codes. Email or call us with your department’s name & number of inspectable occupancies and we will provide a custom quote for your fire department.

Who we are:

-Fire Inspections performed to satisfy your 2% dues requirements

-30 years experience 

-State Certified Fire Inspectors

-Educating while we inspect

- Wisconsin based company

-Take your fire inspections to the next level

Our Services Include:

-Inspections 2 times per year for each occupancy. Once in the front half of the year and again in the back half, approximately 6 months apart

-Follow up with each occupancy that incurs violations, 2-4 weeks after initial inspection

-Year round resource for fire prevention related questions 

-Data entry (Microsoft Word) and hard copy custom reports for each inspection

-Representation during state fire prevention audits

Benefits to using Fire Prevention Services:

-Experienced & well trained fire inspectors


-State certified fire inspectors


-No longer a frequent turnover of fire inspectors


-No longer the need to constantly train fire inspectors


-No learning curve with fire inspectors

-Consistency year to year with your fire inspections


-Let us take the blame and be the “bad guy” instead of you or your members, so the fire inspections don’t effect donations to your department from local businesses


-Our fire inspectors achieve compliance through educating & communication

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